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And finally our Harvest 2019 post is here!!!

After some time video editing and confirming the amount of bales chased for Harvest 2019 we now have the final figure and a video to round off the summer...

36,500 bales were chased by OSG Agri Hire in Harvest 2019!!!!

Thank you Field Of Views for the amazing video

We are already in talks for Harvest 2020...

Chaser Drivers Wanted!!!

OSG Agri Hire are looking for keen, hard working, experienced chaser drivers. So if you are interested in working for OSG Agri Hire in the Essex/Suffolk area then please get in contact on the details below

Accommodation possible (please get in contact to find out more information regarding the accommodation if interested in the role)

Bales needing to be chased!!!

If you are in need of bales being chased for Harvest 2020 in the Essex/Suffolk area OSG Agri Hire may be able to help!! So please get in contact on the details provided below

OSG Agri Hire Ltd


01279 815319

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